Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kindergarten Collage Unit

Kindergarteners have been working on a collage unit. They began by exploring ways of manipulating paper with our hands (tear, rip, fold, etc.). They also learned proper gluing techniques (we use glue brushes and glue containers instead of glue sticks or bottles, so students learn to "dot, dot, dot, don't glue a lot around the edge").

The next lesson, students explored ways of creating different edges (i.e., zig zag, fringed, curvy, straight, etc.) by "drawing" these lines with our scissors.

Students worked on the same piece of paper both weeks to create a collage exploration of anything they chose (my focus for these lessons was to explore ways of manipulating materials and techniques instead of focusing on a specific subject/end product).
Michelle, K-B02

Gianna, K-B02

Benjamin, K-B02

Students then had a 1-class painting "break" from collage. Students discussed primary/secondary colors and learned how to mix the primary colors to create secondary colors on large pieces of paper. I then introduced the idea of hand-painted paper and we discussed how it was important to fill in the entire piece of paper with mixed colors so that we could later use this paper for collage.

After this, students looked at the book "Animals, Animals" by Eric Carl and discussed their favorite animals. They spent one week creating the animal using hand painted paper, and another week creating the "habitat' for their animal on a separate piece of paper. The third week they cut out the animal and glued it onto the "habitat" background and used more collage paper to finish their "Favorite Animal Collages".
Alexa, K-B07, "My Favorite Animal is a Horse"

Ariana, K-B02, "My Favorite Animal is a Whale"

Devin, K-B02, "My Favorite Animal is a Camel"

Jasmine, K-B07, "My Favorite Animal is a Cat"

Liani, K-B02, "My Favorite Animal is a Cat"

Michael, K-B07, "My Favorite Animal is a Camel in the Desert with Pyramids"

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