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Welcome! My name is Linnea Westerberg. I am the visual art teacher at PS 250, The Williamsburg Magnet School for Communications and Multimedia Arts, which is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I am in my 5th year at the school. I have a BA from the University of Richmond (Studio Art/Art History) and an MA from Columbia University Teachers College (Art Education).

I have always loved looking at and making art, but I became a visual art teacher so that I could share this passion with young people. My curriculum emphasizes materials-based explorations and process-oriented projects. Students spend class time looking at and discussing art from a variety of genres, as well as having meaningful art-making experiences with a variety of mediums and materials. I work with classroom teachers to create cross-curricular extensions so that students learn that art is not a separate subject, but something that can enrich their learning and growth in all other subject areas. I also strive to create differentiated instruction so that every child, regardless of ability, feels supported and encouraged to make art safely and creatively. This site is my place to share the work our wonderful Student Artists create at PS 250.

I have always loved the arts...

But painting has always been my favorite!
(both pictures taken when I was in pre-K)

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