Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1st Grade Paint Explorations

Students in first grade have been busy at work exploring the wonderful medium of paint!
We began this 3-class project by spending time looking at the painting, "The Mellow Pad" by Stuart Davis.
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We identified and created a list of a variety of lines we saw in the painting (ie, curvy, zig zag, spiral, dotted, etc.). Students then learned how to use black paint and brush to create these lines on a large piece of white paper. At the end of class, they received white paint and learned how to properly mix two different colors together.

The following lesson, we read the book "Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Walsh and discussed how the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) can be mixed and combined with brushstrokes to create the secondary colors (orange, green, and purple).

Students then learned how to use proper painting techniques (using brushstrokes instead of "scrubbing" the paint onto the paper, cleaning our brush in between colors, drying our brush on the sponge after cleaning their brush, etc.) to fill in some of the shapes they made the previous week. They focused on making new colors by mixing two or more colors together.
Class 1-108

Sabrina, 1-108

Finally, students spent the final week learning that there are many colors that can be made, other than just the primary colors. We learned to use turquoise, magenta and white to create all sorts of colors by using brushstrokes to mix the colors on the paper inside shapes that were still empty. Students also learned to paint on top of dry colors; although the colors did not mix together, colors do appear different when painted on top of other colors.

Meroly, 1-125
In the following weeks, we will be using our newly-acquired color-mixing skills to create painted portraits of ourselves with our family.
Ariana, 1-108

Carol, 1-108

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