Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3rd Grade Drawing Unit - SHOES!

3rd Graders have been hard at work on a drawing unit. We began with an exploration of line in white charcoal pencil on black paper. We explored different lines we know (curvy, zig zag, thin, thick, spiral, etc.) and created shapes using the lines. We then went back into the shapes with Conté crayon and learned how to manipulate the Conté (by blending, layering, etc.) to create value and texture.

Brian 3-228

Gabriel, 3-228

After exploring these various drawing materials, students practiced drawing from observation (or close looking) through a series of different types of sketches("gesture" and "contour") in ebony pencil. Students first observed their shoe, in particular the outline of the shoe. Students thought about this outline as one long piece of string, then tried to draw this outline by not picking up their pencils. This required them to look at their shoe as much as their drawings, and to carefully study all the bumps and curves in the outline of the shoe. Next, students did a blind contour drawing of their shoe, which required them to draw their shoe while only looking at the shoe, not at their drawing. Students learned the importance of observation through this excercise. After this, students learned to draw their shoes as quick lines and shapes from observation. Unlike contour line drawings, gesture drawings require the artist to pick up their hand and move it quickly, all over the paper, in order to learn how to draw the correct proportions and shapes in the object they are drawing.

Bin, 3-228

Michael, 3-303

 After this, students used white charcoal pencil to create a final drawing of their shoes. They used their observational skills they learned in the previous week to help them create a more detailed line drawing of their shoes. Students focused on creating a proportional, detailed drawing of the shapes and lines in their shoes. 

Larry, 3-303
Lienwei, 3-228

Kelly, 3-228

After this, students used conté crayon to add value and texture to their shoes.

Kiara, 3-212

Finally, students looked at Van Gogh's Paintings of shoes and discussed who might have worn the shoes and why.
"Shoes", Vincent Van Gogh, from MetMuseum.org
"A Pair Of Shoes", Vincent Van Gogh, from Harpers.org

We learned that certain visual clues in an image (i.e., color, shape, line, texture, etc) tell a story. Students were asked, "If the shoe in the painting could go on a journey, where might it go and why?". Students then thought about this question in relation to their shoes and came up with ideas for where their shoes might go if they could go anywhere. Students then created a white line drawing of this journey in the background.

Larry, 3-303
Xavier, 3-212
Zhiwei, 3-303

Stephany, 3-204

Karen, 3-204

Please enjoy 3rd grade's drawings of "Shoes on a Journey"!

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