Monday, May 14, 2012


Congratulations to former student
Ariele Saint-Jean!!

Ariele’s art was chosen (last year) to be published in Yankee Center Fielder Curtis Granderson’s Book, “All You Can Be”!!! (Check out the book) Ariele illustrated the theme for Chapter 9, which is "Never Be Satisfied". Here is her colored pencil and watercolor illustration.

Ariele, as well as student-artists from other NYC Public Schools, were honored at a celebration on Saturday May 12th at Yankee Stadium. Students, teachers and principals were invited to meet Curtis Granderson, then stay to watch the game from a private suite at Yankee Stadium. It was a wonderful experience! We are so grateful to the NYC Department of Ed, The Yankees, and Curtis Granderson for making such a wonderful opportunity possible. THANK YOU to all involved, especially Karen Rosner and Barbara Morgan from the Department of Education. And thank you Ariele for working so hard on your illustration and being an inspiration to all of the other student-artists in our school!
Here is a link to more information from this event on the DOE website.

Check out the photos from this wonderful day!! 
Principal Nora Barnes, Ariele Saint-John, and Ms. Linnea Westerberg

Curtis Granderson giving an inspirational speech to the students before the game!

Our view! 

That's us! YAY!