Monday, June 11, 2012

Art in Bloom! Evening of the Arts 2012

Every year our school celebrates student achievements in the arts by hosting a 1-night event called Evening of the Arts. There are drama, dance and musical performances, as well as a student visual art exhibition in the gym. The visual art exhibition not only includes a beautiful gallery of student artwork and student docents from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade that led tours through the exhibition. These students spent time with Ms. Westerberg to learn about all of the art that was hung, as well as the processes by which students had made the art. The student docents helped visitors learn about the art, as well as lead group discussions.

There was also an area for parents and students to create art together. This year, the art-making table was devoted to creating still life collages of flowers.

The student art exhibit at Evening of the Arts exhibited art from every class that receives art with Ms. Westerberg.

Kindergarteners exhibited their "Cardboard Sculptures":
Jill, K-B06

1st grade exhibited their "Oil Pastel and Watercolor resist drawings of the Jungle":

Kiara, 1-106

Alan, 1-125

Grade 2 exhibited their collages of a "Favorite Snowy Day Activity":
Qianying, 2-216

Destiny, 2-216
3rd Graders exhibited "Flower Still Life Paintings":
Eliza, 3-204
Hunter, 3-212
The display case in the main lobby was also dedicated to the 3rd Grade Paintings in anticipation of Evening of the Arts:

4th Graders exhibited their "Hand-imal Trip-tych Oil Pastel Drawings":

5th Graders exhibited their "Favorite Recipe Picture Books" as well as their "Endangered Species Styrofoam Prints":

Shamia, 5-308

Eva, 5-327

The day after Evening of the Arts, several classes were invited down to the exhibition throughout the day to view the art. Students were also given the opportunity to choose a favorite work of art, then write a letter to that artist; letters were delivered at the end of the day.
Looking at the art with Ms. Westerberg
A student writing a letter to another student artist
 Evening of the Arts was a HUGE success. Thank you to everyone that helped, especially 3rd, 4th and 5th grade student docents, fellow faculty members that volunteered their time (in the weeks leading up and on the actual day), the custodial staff, Ms. Trucker (our AMAZING music teacher), Ms. Casidy (our PHENOMENAL drama teacher), parents, volunteers, the Parent Organization and, most importantly, our FABULOUS student artists at PS 250!!! Congratulations everyone!