Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1st Grade Painted Portraits of Us + Our Family

First graders have been working on a painting unit (see previous exploration post) and just finished creating portraits of themselves with their family! We began this project by reading the book "The Family Book" by Todd Parr. We then discussed the members of our family and the ways in which each family is different and special.

We then discussed portraiture and looked at self-portraits by three different artists.

"Self-Portrait", Vincent Van Gogh, 1889
image found at www.vangoghgallery.com
"Self-Portrait with Bonito", Frida Kahlo, 1941
image found at wikipaintings.org

"Self-Portrait", Jacob Lawrence, 1977
Image found at worldclasskids.tripod.com

We learned that a portrait generally depicts a person's head, facial expression and neck (and sometimes upper-half of the body) in detail. Students spent a class painting line portraits of themselves (from observation using a mirror) and their family members (from imagination) in wash (paint mixed with water).

The following week, students read the book "The Colors of Us" by Tana Hoban and we discussed how each of our skin colors is different. Students spent the class mixing the primary colors with black and white (on palettes) to make the skin colors for themselves and their families. Students then added these colors to their paintings from the previous week.

Over the next few weeks, students worked hard to mix many different colors and use a variety of brushstrokes when applying paint to their portraits.
1-108 working

Students completed paintings by adding a background (either their home, a place that is important to them and their family, or a solid color) and details (glasses, eyelashes, jewelry, etc.) to their portraits.

Please enjoy 1st Grade's Family Portrait Paintings!
Alasia, 1-108
Kiara, 1-106

Mavric, 1-108

Michelle, 1-108
Sabrina, 1-108

Edwin, 1-106
Ashley, 1-108
Ashley, 1-106
Edwin, 1-108

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