Friday, January 13, 2012

3rd Grade India Ink and Wash Painting

3rd grade has begun a painting unit. In Social Studies, 3rd graders are currently studying Asia because of the Chinese New Year. As a way of linking what they do in their classroom to mine, I decided to begin the painting unit with East Asian Ink and Wash Painting (Sumi-E) We started by looking at couple of these paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Website and students wrote guided reflections about them in their sketchbooks.

"Sparrow, Camellia and Plum", Takaashi Sohei, 1832, Japanese
From the Metropolitan Museum of Art Website
"Bamboo in Wind and Rain", Shitao, 1694, Chinese
From the Metropolitan Museum of Art Website

Students considered which medium they thought the artwork was created in (drawing, painting, etc.), who might have made it (when and where were they from), and the differences/similarities between the two works of art. This lesson also links to the Common Core Standards for using informational text in the classroom because we were "reading" these works of arts and drawing inferences from them.
A couple of the responses:
Isabella, 3-303

Jenessy, 3-303

After this, students explored using ink and wash in their sketchbooks. They practiced creating different marks and lines, as well as different concentrations of ink.

The following week, students discussed still life painting. We learned that when you draw a still life, you work from observation (looking) and it's important to try and paint what you see, not what you think you are seeing. We also learned to plan our space so our drawings are "proportional". Students then created ink and wash paintings of flowers.
Brianna, 3-204

Daniela, 3-228

Derrick, 3-228

Lien-Wei, 3-228
Bin, 3-228

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